Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. 

(Romans 12:12) 

Sometimes our hopes and dreams don't come to pass when we think, and our hearts grow weary. We cry out to God for answers and we receive silence. We knew we wanted several children and after being able to get pregnant quickly with our first daughter, we didn't think we'd have trouble when we decided to have another one. It turned out that wasn't the case. When our daughter was 3, we started trying again. After about a year, we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited! Our excitement soon became heartbreak when we lost the sweet baby at 8 weeks. My heart was broken. Many people tried to be helpful and encouraging in things they would say, but my heart couldn't process it. I was broken-sad, disappointed, angry! I felt that because many people didn't know I was pregnant, I had to just "get over it". I had a business to run, a family to take care of, I didn't feel like I had time to mourn my loss. It was not a healthy way to deal with my loss. 

For several years we looked for answers of why we couldn't get pregnant. Nothing medically ever panned out. We were healthy and no one could find anything wrong. After 7 years of "trying", we decided to be thankful for our beautiful daughter and enjoy our life as 3. Surprise-September 21, I found out I was pregnant! We were excited, but also cautious because of losing our baby earlier. Thankfully our sweet boy came to us on May 16th after 19 hours of labor. His journey has tested our faith from conception, to a touch-and-go labor, to two weeks in the NICU, and then the diagnosis of being profoundly deaf in his left ear. God is good in all situations, and we are so thankful for our sweet boy. We wouldn't change our journey because it has shaped us into who we are. 

I'm so very grateful for my dear friend and amazingly talented photographer-Carly Mitchell, for capturing the beginning of Colten's life! These memories are something I will cherish forever. Thank you! I love you tons!