From the Garden Design Class

Oh, my goodness!! I had so much fun teaching these sweet ladies about designing flowers. We focused on flowers that they could find in their gardens. I gave them some information about each flower and then we dug into the basics of design-proper processing, how to cut the stems properly (only one casualty for the evening), color schemes, and lines of design. Everyone did a fabulous job!! I can't wait until the next class in November!

The flowers we used were Montbresia pods, Amaranthus, Nandina, Allium, Asiatic Lilies, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Oregano, Alstroemeria, and Marigolds. I was hoping to have more out of my garden to bring, but all I had enough of was oregano. It was still a lovely accent. The asiatic and alstroemeria lilies were grown locally in Fort Collins. I love buying local when I can.